We’ve been riding bikes since as long as we can remember. We came to think of them as extensions of ourselves. It’s the feeling you have when you’re riding a bike - you feel free, swift, alert, you only depend on yourself / your only limit is you. You feel alive. It’s pure pleasure, and once you’ve got a taste of it, you’ll hold to it.

There is actually a big leap from riding bikes to building them. You need to always aim for more - for something specially made, to perfectly match your needs. You need to be willing to experiment, and to embrace the uncertainty of the end result. You need to have a bee in your bonnet. That’s how we started REBORN in 2012.


We usually start from an old bicycle or a component having belonged to one. We weigh it a lot and we discuss, trying to understand how it was initially designed and see where we could take it from there. The challenge is to bring an improvement, both aesthetically and functionally. To breathe new life into that old bike or component, in a world distinct from the one it was born into. Once we have a vision in mind, we turn it into a project. At that point, we try not to think at all at what would make it easier or cheaper.


Once we have all the parts, the manual work begins. You need to enjoy tinkering, discovering tools, perfecting techniques. We’ve learned how to paint frames by ourselves, and that takes quite some time. But we love it, sometimes to the point of obsession, to have everything just as we imagined it.


We feel it when looking at the finished object. And when we see our clients happy. And again, when we see our bicycles running across the town - cause they all remain, in a way, ours as well. Ultimately, it’s the amazing feeling that we’ve created and developed something together, something unique people can identify us by.

Bogdan & Bogdan

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