​City Bike, 3 Speed


4 Weeks

Gazelle '79. This should be enough said. The other following words are just to give you a perspective of what happened here. This bicycle was a mess when it came into our shop. From the minute we set eyes on it we knew this will be a breaker. Tearing it to parts we realized that this is not going to be an easy job and that we are missing some pieces from the puzzle. This bike was built to stay in style so we kept everything under control and went just a little loco.We threw some golden flakes in the paint job, and while we had flakes and gold, India was knocking at the door, so we got inspired by henna drawings and made some swirling designs on the tubes. The doves came in handy for designing a bicycle for somebody that makes fashion design . Classic cream tires, Brooks saddle and a nice big basket in black. This was a special project that turned into a special gift!