Fixed Gear


4 Weeks

This was one special project. It was made in collaboration with our friends from Let's Coffee's, which is hosting the bicycle. Since the bicycle is displayed in a coffee familiar environment, we decided the bike should have something related to it. We started the research and found inspiration in the coffee beans and how they look before they end up in our mugs. The starting point for the paint job was the beautiful red colour of the coffee fruits and the greenish colour of the seeds. The end result is a city commuter with a retro look that can hold your coffee in a custom RBRN cup holder while you wander on the streets of Cluj-Napoca. Together with the new parts, we also used some old components created a few decades ago. As a friend of ours once said - "If the components where built to work twenty - thirty years ago, why shouldn't they work today?" There where a lot of polishing hours to remove the ware of time from the old components and to give them back the shine. The frame is aluminum built called ”Thevenon” and unfortunately we couldn't find much info about it. For the handlebars we made custom wooden grips and paired the handlebars with a vintage Lepper stem. Another vintage component is the Sugino Tourist crankset. This was a full one week project that ended up to be displayed in front of all the coffee and bike lovers. You are all invited to sip a coffee and to enjoy the looks of a bicycle that inspires community.